Bluesource Solar

General Job Seeker FAQ


How much will I get paid?

This will depend on the job you are placed on and the withholding you select on your tax forms.


How do I get paid?

You have a couple options! You can 1) sign up for a PayCard and each week your pay will be added to the card that you can use just like a debit card. or 2) choose direct deposit and have your pay deposited into your bank account.


When do I get paid?

Pay day is Friday with us. However, if you have direct deposit, depending on how your bank processes, your deposit time may vary. For example: some banks update on Friday at midnight, while others may update when their business opens at 8am or 9am Friday.


Why do I need to fill out tax forms?

To work for us you must complete the appropriate tax forms for state lived in and worked in. This may be your state tax witholding form and the federal tax withholding form, or just the federal tax withholding form. It all depends on your state. For example, if you live and work in North Carolina you will have to fill out the NC-4 and W4 forms before you can start work. Directly from, “Your employer is required to withhold income tax from your wages as if you are single with zero allowances if you do not submit a Form W4.”


How do I get my pay stubs?



Direct Deposit? Can I just write down my info?

All direct deposit goes into “prenote” status (the bank deposits a penny into the account to verify the accuracy of account information provided. This prevents fraud and funds going into someone else’s account) without a copy of a check or bank form. This process can take several weeks to complete. In order for your direct deposit to start immediately, we can override this with a voided check or bank letterhead with your account info provided.




What is the process for applying / How do I apply?

  1. Click Here to apply online. We will respond shortly after the form is submitted.
  2. You can go to and apply directly to our jobs posted there. We will reach out to you shortly after that.


What do I need to apply?

To apply with Bluesource personnel you will need your valid forms of ID to work within the United States. It’s also great if you have a resume to submit to us. Other than that, just yourself and a positive attitude!


What if I don’t have a computer?

Our application is Mobile friendly so you can do it anywhere.




Is it full time, guaranteed work?

We offer a wide variety of jobs you can be placed on.Some jobs are part-time, some full-time, and some temporary. If you desire full-time work, that is what we will try to get for you. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee work. Our job is to find a job for you that is the right fit and where you will be happy. Placing you on just any job is not our goal. We want you to have the kind of job you will enjoy and want to go to work.


How soon can I work?

You can start working as soon as you meet the client’s (job) requirements! That can be as soon as the same day or if the client (job) has strict requirements, it may take a few days to meet them.


How much or how little can I work?

If you only want a temporary job we can find that for you. If you want to work full time, we can find that for you as well. How much you work will be up to you. But note that if you agree to work a full-time job, you will be accountable to working that job. Try to be realistic about your job expectations. Making overtime pay can be very appealing, however if you cannot perform the work to the best of your ability, that is not in your best interest.


What if I can’t make it into work?

If you legitimately cannot make it into work you must call our office, 919-792-6352. However, please note that repeated call outs will result in termination and can greatly affect you getting another job with us.


What if I don’t like my placement/job?

It is our desire to put you on a job that you want to work. If it ends up not being something you can do, a hostile environment, or not what you expected, talk to your recruiter. We will do our best to find you another job. But, do not just walk off the job, we cannot get you another job if you do not communicate with us.




Why would I want to work for a staffing company?

The answers to this question are too many to list here! Check out these short blog articles for all the benefits of getting work through a staffing company:


Do you offer benefits?

Employees who work at least an average of 30 hours a week, or 130 hours a month, for 60 days are full time employees are eligible for benefits. At that time you will receive a benefits notice. You may sign up or waive benefits at that time. If you elect benefits, they will begin 60 days plus however many days to the following first of the month after signing up.

The following benefits are available through Spec On The Job:

  • Medical Plan
  • Dental Plan
  • Vision Plan
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Life Insurance
  • Weekly pay
  • Select paid holidays
  • Direct deposit